Reliable Affordable Clean Energy for 2030 Cooperative Research Centre 

“A customer-centred, clean energy transition”




Our Vision 

A customer-centred clean energy transition.


Our Mission 

High-impact research on boosting energy productivity and integrating clean, distributed energy into the grid, in order to cut bills and carbon emissions of Australian businesses and households.

​What is the RACE for 2030 CRC?

The Reliable Affordable Clean Energy for 2030 Cooperative Research Centre (RACE for 2030 CRC) will be an industry-led research effort to drive energy innovation across the supply chain to deliver better value for energy customers.

This includes cutting edge research and developing new technology to boost Australian business energy productivity, integrate distributed energy resources into the grid, reduce energy bills for consumers, enhance energy reliability and cut carbon emissions.




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RACE for Business

Boosting Business Energy Productivity (via digitalisation, electrification and value chain optimisation)

RACE for Homes

Developing and applying new energy technologies and solutions for residential consumers

RACE for Networks

Optimising Australia’s electricity grid with customer distributed energy resources 

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RACE for Everyone

Foresighting, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, training & education





The RACE for 2030 CRC bid is supported by leading Australian businesses, research and other organisations with strong interests in the energy sector.  This includes large energy users, energy network and retail businesses, energy service companies, corporate technology and start-up businesses and customer advocates.  


Tier 1 Partners

Tier 2 Partners

Tier 3 Partners

Tier 4 Partners




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Contact Details


Jon Jutsen

Chief Executive Officer

Mobile +61 0 418 510 109 

Dr Chris Dunstan

Chief Research Officer

Telephone +61 2 9514 4882 

Florencia Staiger

Administrative Officer

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